About us

About us

Your partner in Energetic Nitrocellulose

MANUCO is a world-class Energetic Nitrocellulose supplier for the defense, outdoors, law enforcement, pyrotechnics and civil explosives industries.

More than 50 references in all product grades and a high production capacity enable the company to provide a global service and technical support to clients in more than 20 countries worldwide, using either cotton linters (rolls or bales) or wood pulp (sulphite or sulphate) as main raw material.

With flexibility and a customer-oriented approach, MANUCO delivers high-quality energetic nitrocellulose suited to your specific process, to obtain a high-performance end-product.

From handgun, shotgun and smokeless rifle powder to mortar, artillery or rocket propellants; from combustible and modular charges to dynamite or decoy flares: MANUCO Energetic Nitrocellulose is used worldwide as the main raw material in most propulsion, explosive or pyrotechnic systems.

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